Bridges & Small Structures

Under Federal guidelines, a bridge is classified as a structure having a span of 20 feet or greater.  Culverts, or Small Structures, which are 3 feet, or 36 inches, or larger, up to less than 20 feet are repaired and replaced under the direction of the Engineering Department.  Culverts which are less than 36 inches are maintained by the Highway Department .  Bridges and Small Structures are maintained and replaced using money from the Cumulative Bridge Fund.  This money comes from property taxes at a rate established by the County Council.

Bridges are required by law to be inspected every 2 years.  The inspection process is handled by a consultant engineer that is selected by the county.  Based on a number of structural and other factors, the consultant applies a sufficiency rating to each Bridge.  These factors are considered after every inspection cycle and the Bridge Replacement Plan is adjusted based on past work completed and new inspection information.  Typically, a five year plan is in place for scheduled replacements.

Small Structures 5 feet and larger have been inspected by a consultant engineer every 2 years.
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