A subdivision plat is a scale-drawing of a division of land showing the boundaries of the lots created.  A subdivision plat contains a legal description of the property, the name(s) of the property owner dividing the land, the location of any public rights-of-way and easements, and other special notes.


In contrast to a "certificate of survey" or a "plot plan" often required by lenders for mortgage purposes, a plat is a legal document that is approved by the Plan Commission, accepted by the governing body and recorded with the County Recorder.


Platting enables a landowner to divide his or her property in a manner that is efficient, environmentally sound, and compatible with the jurisdiction's existing or planned development pattern.  The subdivision of land and accompanying dedication of street rights-of-way can create an impact on the jurisdiction's overall development pattern.


Subdivision Regulations establish minimum requirements for the preparation and approval of plats.  The purpose of these requirements is to assure orderly development and the promotion of the public health, safety, and general welfare.  Lots to be platted must comply with the requirements of the underlying zoning district.