Building Services

The Whitley County Building Department is responsible for issuing Building Permits and providing inspections for construction and remodeling projects in Whitley County, including Columbia City, Churubusco, Larwill, and South Whitley.
Permits enable the county to enforce the life-safety provisions of the building codes in Indiana.  These codes are a minimum standard, protecting life, health, property and public welfare by insuring public and private buildings meet a quality standard set for all buildings in the State of Indiana.
Regulated activity includes, but is not limited to, new buildings, remodeled buildings, additions, alterations of structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical elements of a building, placement of manufactured housing, decks, swimming pools, storage buildings, and electrical service upgrade.
Permits attained for these types of activity allows for qualified inspections to be made to insure safety and appropriate construction.  If you have questions regarding a project you are about to undertake, please contact the Department at 260-248-3112. (We do not keep copies of the building codes in our office due to frequent changes, but they can be found on the state's website:

NOTICE: The Department requests at least one business day's notice for inspection requests. As of April 1, 2020, same day inspection requests will be scheduled as following:
  *Requests received prior to 11:30 a.m. may be scheduled between 1:15 p.m - 4:00 p.m of the same day, if time slots are available.
  *Requests received after 11:30 a.m. will be considered for the following business day's schedule, or later if necessary.
  *Voicemail requests will be scheduled based on the time Staff removes them from the machine. Staff will strive to deliver a confirmation of the appointment. Please call again if you are not notified that your information was received.
To schedule an inspection, please speak with the office staff at 260-248-3111 or 260-248-3112.
NOTICE: As of July 27, 2012, an Improvement Location Permit will be issued for fences within the Columbia City and Churubusco Zoning Jurisdictional areas. The permit is being issued to verify that fences do not encroach over property lines or utilities. South Whitley has participated in this procedure for several years.