Community Corrections

Community Corrections strives to reduce recidivism by assisting offenders in their decision-making process. The Department coordinates various programs including: Work Release, Home Detention, Community Service, Alcohol and Drug Program, Veterans Treatment Court,  PreTrial Services and Community Transition Program (CTP).
Paula Worden
(260) 248-3113
Deputy Director:
Julie Jensen-Kelley
(260) 248-3113

                                                                Work Release Rainbow

Community Corrections 2022 Program Review


Our mission is to provide a multi-facet community based program that facilitates behavioral change by incorporating the effective use of evidence based practices through cognitive change programs, aimed to increase motivation, and cease criminal thinking prior to their incorporation back into the community, enhancing public safety.


Provide programming and supervision of offenders that results in a community that has social order and where people and property are not at risk of criminal activity and where the community, through its individuals and organizations, works together to create a community of law abiding citizens where each person can maximize their potential for a full and productive life.

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