Jail Chemical Addiction Program



The Whitley County Jail Chemical Addiction Program is also known as JCAP. This program will be a 4-month evidence-based program made up of 6-8 hours of classes daily. The classes are divided into two sections, with 50% of the curriculum covering mental health and recovery and the other 50% focusing on life skills. The program also offers High School Equivalency tutoring for those who need it. JCAP offers NO time cuts or ANY guarantee of sentence modification. The primary goal of the program is to focus on recovery. Participants are held to a higher standard of behavior and required to give 100% participation in all classes. If one is not invested in their recovery, they will be removed from the program.

To be eligible for the program the following must be met; history of drug or alcohol abuse, a projected release date that qualifies participants to complete the program, not sentenced to DOC, court approval that reads as follows: Defendant is sentenced to the Whitley County Jail with no objection to that sentence being served at the Whitley County Community Corrections Residential Facility. Jail conduct is also considered in the selection process.

The mission for the JCAP program is to provide incarcerated individuals with the resources and support needed to gain confidence in their ability to live sober, productive lives through the rehabilitation programs, counseling, life skills, and effective communication.

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