Welcome to the Whitley County Treasurer's Department

The County Treasurer is responsible for collecting, retaining custody of and disbursing county funds.

The Treasurer's Office performs the billing and collection of property taxes and special assessments on real estate, personal property tax, and mobile homes located in Whitley County.

The Treasurer also pursues the collection of delinquent taxes.

Whitley County's bank accounts and investments are maintained by the Treasurer.  All funds collected are invested until disbursements are made to the various taxing units in the county (schools, cities, towns, townships and libraries) and to the County's Operational Funds.

Each month, the Treasurer and Auditor work together closely to balance all funds.

Property tax statements, mobile home title transfer permits and mobile home moving permits are issued through the County Treasurer's Office.  A property tax clearance form for an alcohol beverage license can also be obtained at the Treasurer's office.

The County Treasurer is required to track all bankruptcies filed for Whitley County property owners.

When government employees fail to pay their property taxes, the Treasurer is required to notify the taxing unit and can garnish wages if necessary. 

It is our desire to serve each Whitley County resident efficiently and respectfully.
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Tax Payment Options
Our Staff
  • Kay Gatton - Treasurer
  • Denice Spencer - Chief Deputy
  • Susan Walker-Part-time Deputy
  • Kathy Miller - Part-time Deputy
  • Laurell Schroeder - Part-time Deputy
  • Amy Cook - Part-time Deputy