Tax Sale

  Properties that are eligible for TAX SALE will be certified on July 1, 2023.
 You can find the status of these properties and additional  information regarding the tax sale process at:

Commonly asked questions regarding Tax Sale:

How does a property show up on a tax sale?
All parcels with a balance due from spring of the prior year or before are eligible for tax sale.

How will you know if your property is in danger of tax sale?

A courtesy tax sale letter will be mailed to your last known address.   This letter offers an opportunity to settle your taxes.

How can the tax sale of a property be prevented after certification?

Taxes must be paid and made current with no delinquencies prior to the scheduled date of the sale in order to be removed from the tax sale listing.  Delinquent Tax bills can be paid even up to the day before the sale.

If your property is sold at Tax Sale, is there a way to buy it back?

You have a year to redeem the property.  

If you have further questions you can go to the tax sale website:
or contact the Treasurer