Health Education

Health Education Information
One of the core functions of the Whitley County Health Department involves providing health education services to the community. Guest speaker presentations are offered to a multitude of organizations, with flexibility on time and day, duration, topic, etc. The health educator can connect people to community resources through the Whitley County Resource Guide, provide local health data, assist in writing health-related grants, and assist with planning local health fairs. 
Topic examples include, but are not limited to: 
Physical activity
-        Adding more physical activity to your day
-        Exercise demo
-        Ergonomics & injury prevention
-        Physical activity as a family

-        Building healthy plates with MyPlate
-        Rethink your drink & hydration
-        Grocery shopping and reading food labels
-        Parenting, nutrition, and picky eaters
-        Creating a healthy relationship with food - breaking diet myths
Substance use
-       Dimensions: Tobacco Free Program
-       The opioid epidemic
-       Substance use facts, trends and prevention (vaping, alcohol, etc)

Mental health
-        COVID-19 and mental health
-        Battling the seasonal blues
-        Stress, coping, and mindfulness
-        Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's)

-        Say it Straight  Say it Straight Flyer
-        Healthy relationships

-        Screen time and health
-        Sleep
-        Hygiene
-        HIV / STI

 Whitley County Resource Guide: