Food Protection

Below is a list of the various Food Protection Permits:

  • Retail Food Stores
  • Food Service Establishment
  • Mobile Food Unit
  • Temporary Food Service

Schedule of Inspections

Each permitted establishment is inspected once a year as order in the County Ordinance for Food Inspections. Permits are good from January 1st to December 31st of each year.

The Whitley County Health Department enforces Rule 410 IAC 7-24 and every establishment must maintain a copy of the code on its premises. A copy of the code can be downloaded from the ISDH webpage.

Food Related Complaints

The Whitley County Health Department will conduct investigations of complaints filed in the office. The complaint application must be filled out on a form provided by the department and signed. This will be a public record.

The Health Department will investigate complaints as they relate to food adulteration or food-borne illness. There is no charge to file a complaint. To print a copy of the complaint application go to the More Information Tab and click on Forms and Applications.

Indiana State Department of Health - Food Protection 

New establishments must complete the Guidelines for New & Remodel Food Establishments provided by the Whitley County Health Department before Building Department permits can be purchased. Letters of approval from the Building Department and the local Fire Service must accompany any paperwork submitted for Health Department permits.
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