Road Repair

The ideal driving experience would be County roads that are free from potholes and other pavement issues.  We do strive to maintain and keep the County roads as safe as possible.  Due to budget restraints and the high cost of road repair materials we are only able to repair and upgrade so many miles of County roads each year.  We try to include mileage from each Township in Whitley County.  The major portion of road repairs and upgrades are done during the Summer months.  Some of the upgrades may be an inconvenience to the residents and travelers of the roadway.  Road reconstruction can be a timely process that includes grinding and reclaiming the present asphalt, covering the surface with limestone, applying calcium chloride for stabilization, installing new culverts and addressing drainage issues and applying two layers of chip and seal after the road has had a chance to settle, usually over the Winter months.
We welcome the comments and concerns from the Public.  We are not aware of all road issues and depend on residents to let us know of areas that need attention.  Some road issues are a quick fix while other situations may need more time and attention.  We do our best to address each situation as it is reported.