Driveway Permits

A driveway permit is needed when a property owner is creating a new entrance off of a Whitley County road.  The purpose of a driveway permit is to ensure the driveway will be installed in a safe location and the placement of the driveway will not obstruct the flow of water in the side ditch.  Addresses for new parcels will be determined after the site inspection for the driveway location.

Effective December 21, 2020, per Ordinance 2020-14, the Driveway Permit Application fee is $50.00, made payable by cash or check only to the Whitley County Treasurer.  Applications can be submitted by mail to the Whitley County Highway Department or by emailing a digital copy to [email protected] . The application fee must be paid before the permit can be processed.

Please refer to Ordinance 2020-14 for the specifications on new driveway installations, permitting fees, and potential fines. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a driveway permit, please contact the Whitley County Highway Department at 260-248-3123 or [email protected]