Poll Workers

Would you like to be a poll worker on Election Day?
To find out more call the voter registration office at 260-248-3164 or contact the party chairman of your choice.  You must contact one of the Party Chairpersons to become a poll worker. 
Vivian Sade Rosswurm ([email protected]) - Democratic
Jon Myers ([email protected]) - Republican
There are 5 poll worker positions for each location;  1 Republican Inspector, 1 Democratic Judge, 1 Republican Judge, 1 Democratic Poll Clerk and 1 Republican Poll Clerk.  
Their duties include:


  • Oversees Election
  • Responsible for completing ALL forms and envelopes
  • Get in touch with other workers in your precinct to make sure they know details for set-up times & food for the day
  • Contact Polling Place to find out when it will be available for set up
  • Get key from Polling Location
  • Pick up supplies on the Saturday before election & machines on Monday before election
  • Check on handicap parking, tables, chairs, outlets, and telephone.  (Some polling places will need to get handicap signs to designate parking)
  • Arrange room for best traffic flow and privacy for voters
  • Post literature
  • Issue Provisional Ballots, as necessary


  • Check Photo Identification if Inspector is unavailable
  • Assist Voter if necessary being careful not to offend
  • Activate machines for voters
  • Make sure to select correct ballot style on machine using poll pad receipt
  • Democrat Judge will administer Oath to the Inspector in the morning
  • Democratic Judge will pick up machines with Inspector on the Monday before electoin & return supplies at the end of Election day

Poll Clerk

  • Both clerks are responsible for Poll Book
  • Check Voters in on Poll Pad and print poll pad receipt
  • Get Voter Identification Number (if necessary)
  • Ask for Proof of Residency (if necessary)

Poll workers are required by law to attend one training session every election. You will be notified of the times and dates by letter.