Community Corrections Fees

Whitley County Community Corrections

Fee Schedule

Revised 09/23/2009

Program components that assess user fees under IC 31-6-4-18 , IC 35-38-2-1, or IC 35-38-2.5-6, or collect any other user fee from a participant in a community correction program component shall provide to the department of correction, for approval, a written fee schedule, approved by the local advisory board, for each program component. The fee schedule shall specify how the fees are determined, including the rationale for determining the minimum and maximum amounts assessed for each program and the policy for serving the indigent population. If a participant is released unsuccessfully overpayment of fees are non-refundable. However, if a participant's sentence is modified overpayments will first be applied to other open accounts and remaining balance will be returned to participant.

Initial Adult Community Service Fee

$ 100.00

Adult Community Service Transfer Fee

$ 25.00

Adult Community Service Re-referral Fee

$ 100.00

Initial Juvenile Community Service Fee

$ 50.00

Youth Improvement Program

Home Detention Transfer-In Cases -must pay the daily fee of referring county or Whitley County's fee, which ever is greater.

$ 350.00

Adult Home Detention fee is based on hourly wage

Home Detention fee if hourly wage is under $10.00

$ 7.00 daily

Home Detention fee if hourly wage is $10.00 or greater

$ One hours wage per day.

Adult GPS or Electronic Monitoring

$ 12.00 daily or one hours wage per day; which is ever greater

Juvenile Home Detention

$ 3.00 daily

Juvenile GPS or Electronic Monitoring

$ 7.00 daily

Work Release fee is a minimum of $15.00 daily or 20% of weekly net income; which ever is greater.

$ 15.00 daily


Work Release Transfer Fee

$ 250.00

Drug Testing Fee

$ 20.00

MRT-Moral Reconation Therapy Workbook

Relapse Prevention Workbook

$ 25.00

$ 10.00

Alcohol and Drug Program Assessment 33-19-8-5

$ 100.00

Assessment and Case Management

Case Management

$ 200.00

$ 100.00


$ 200.00

Transfer Case Management

$ 50.00

In the event that a program participant is unable to pay user fees or class fees he/she can apply for temporary assistance status. This application will be reviewed by the Conduct Adjustment Board. If approved, the participant can perform up to ten days of community service at the rate of minimum wage. Fees will be adjusted by the number of community service hours completed within the ten days. The Executive Committee must review and approve all requests for permanent assistance status.