Recording Requirements

Notarization or acknowledgement: 

Most documents must be notarized or acknowledged to be recorded.  Notary must include County of Residence, Commission Expiration Date, and Notary seal.


Legibility of names:

All signatures must be printed or typed beneath them exactly as signed.


Name of person preparing document:

Documents notarized, executed, or acknowledged in the State of Indiana, must have a Prepared By statement at the conclusion of the document, including the preparer's name, which can be printed.


Affirmation Statement:   Go to Affirmation information


Transfer of documents for taxation:

All documents transferring title must have the endorsement of the Auditor's office prior to recording.  Transfer fees and Sales Disclosure fees are payable to the WhitleyCounty Auditor. 


Social Security numbers on documents:

Beginning January 1, 2006, it is illegal to present for recording a document that contains a Social Security number, unless required by Federal or State statue.  At this time only documents that require a Social Security number are DD-214's (military discharge papers), Federal Tax Liens, and Death Certificates.


Blanket assignments & releases:

Blanket assignments and releases are not accepted for recording. 


Document Numbering System:

November 1, 2001 to Present 

 Example:  2001120045 (year, month, and 4-digit number)


September 7, 2001 to October 30, 2001

Example:  200109345 (year, month, and 3-digit number)


December 1, 1973 to September 6, 2001

Example:  89-6-145 (year, month, and 1,2,or 3-digit number)


November 30, 1973 to May 22, 1838

Examples:  A-436, 36-102  (book & page)