Parcel Split Policy

Effective January 1, 2002, a stamped and signed survey must accompany ALL deeds for property splits in Whitley County.


Per IC 32-21-2-13(a), "If the Auditor of the county or the township assessor under IC 6-1.1-5-9 and IC 6-1.1-5-9.1 determines it necessary, an instrument transferring fee simple title to less than the whole of a tract that will result in the division of the tract into at least two (2) parcels for property tax purposes may not be recorded unless the auditor or township assessor is furnished a drawing or other reliable evidence of the following:

(1)   The number of acres in each new tax parcel being created.

(2)   The existing or absence of improvements on each new tax parcel being created.

(3)   The location within the original tract of each new tax parcel being created.


This policy is intended to protect present, new, and future property owners in Whitley County. It is enacted to establish a policy that will produce accurate and consistent records for future work that includes city and town annexations.