GIS Department

Welcome to the Whitley County GIS Department Home Page. This page will enhance your map researching capabilities by integrating county offices and department's information under one system. By utilizing our GIS website, you have the capability of viewing and querying a wide variety of data layers. You also have the ability to print street maps of our County, Townships, City and Towns.

GIS Department Responsibilities:

The GIS Department is responsible for maintaining digital maps and creating data layers for Whitley County. We also create the addresses for the entire County, City and Towns.

What is GIS?
GIS is an abbreviation for geographic information system, which is computer software that maps and analyzes geographic data.
Available Data Layers for Viewing on The GIS Website:
Townships, Sections, Parcels, Lots, Subdivisions, Aerial Photography, 2' Contours, Address Points, Street Centerlines, Right of Ways, Drains, Tiles, Precincts, Flood Zones, Soils, Zoning,
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