Handgun Licenses

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In order to apply for a Handgun License:
  • You must finish your application at the Sheriff's Department in person AFTER you have filled out the online application and had your fingerprints electronically scanned. 
  • You must call our office to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. Call 260-244-6410, option 2, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) 8am to 3:30pm to schedule your appointment. 
  • You must be a resident of Whitley County. (If you live within the city limits of Columbia City, South Whitley or Churubusco, you must report to their respective Police Department)
  • You must bring a valid, state issued, picture i.d. You must have your correct address on the i.d. 


If you currently have a valid handgun license, and you need to CHANGE YOUR NAME, CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS, OR REQUEST A REPLACEMENT OR DUPLICATE LICENSE:
You have to log in or create an account online with the Indiana State Police, Firearms Division to complete a request for a replacement or duplicate license. Click on the link below. 
The Indiana Code that governs the handgun licensing is found in IC 35-47-2. The Indiana statutes are available at: